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How does the Subscribe & Save program work?

  • If you regularly give your dog a certain treat, save time and money by signing up for a subscription!
  • All subscriptions get 20% off of the initial order, and every following order gets a 10% off discount.
  • You can pick the time interval (can be as frequent as once a week, or as long as once every 12 months). 
  • You can swap to a different product in the middle of your subscription, as long as it occurs within (7) days of your scheduled ship date.
  • Click HERE to cancel a subscription, or give us at 877-687-5364.
  • To view/manage your subscriptions, CLICK HERE.

How do you make ODOR FREE bully sticks?

  • The pizzles are thawed and washed in a hot water rinse. Blood and urine are water soluble, so this step help removes much of the odor. The pizzles are then hung vertically to bake slowly, and this also allows some odor to drain. No chemicals, additives, or preservatives are used at any point in the manufacturing process.
  • How do the other guys do it? Electricity is extremely expensive in South America, so many manufacturers will opt to collect pizzles from the slaughterhouse and laying them out to sun dry on steel corrugated roof tops - bypassing the refrigeration, washing, and slow baking steps entirely.

What's the difference between skinny, regular, thick, jumbo, and super jumbo bully sticks?

  • We hand sort all of our bully sticks by weight, rather than thickness. We've found that the densest (i.e. heaviest) bully sticks will have the longest chew time.
  • 12" Bully Stick Weights
    • Skinny - 34g and below
    • Regular - 35-49g
    • Thick - 50-64g
    • Jumbo 65-85g
    • Super Jumbo - 86g and above
  • 6" Bully Stick Weights
    • Skinny - 16g and below
    • Regular - 17-24g
    • Thick - 25-39g
    • Jumbo - 40g and above

Our Story

We started AllNaturalBullySticks.com in 2009 because we love dogs and we care about the treats we give them. All of the high-quality products we carry on our site are vet-approved and are either organic, all-natural or additive-free.

We know what it means to want the best for your dog and that's why we only sell the natural products we stand behind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.