This English Springer Spaniel puppy loves her curly bully stick!

Puppies under 6 months of age have delicate deciduous teeth. Here's a collection of some long lasting chews that are safe and appropriate for puppies!

*** As with any treat or chew, please observe your puppy while they are consuming the product. 

*** If your puppy appears to be attempting to swallow a large piece whole, please remove the chew. We recommend "trading" with your puppy and offering them a small treat in exchange for the chew - this will help prevent resource guarding behaviors from developing.

Small Lamb Hide Sold out

Small Lamb Hide

Sold out

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Our Story

We started in 2009 because we love dogs and we care about the treats we give them. All of the high-quality products we carry on our site are vet-approved and are either organic, all-natural or additive-free.

We know what it means to want the best for your dog and that's why we only sell the natural products we stand behind with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.