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If you remember our previous rescue dog of the month, Minnie, Clooney belongs to Minnie's owner, Joyce, as well! She also got Clooney from Close to Home Animal Rescue.

here's what Joyce had to say about Clooney:

Portrait of Clooney

I had posted so many pictures and videos of rambunctious Minnie on my Facebook page, the ladies from Close to Home Rescue could clearly see that she needed a playmate to burn off some of that energy with. They said they had just gotten in the perfect buddy for Minnie, were we interested?

Clooney standing on grass

Clooney was also originally at the Columbiana Dog Pound and rescued by Close to Home.  The wonderful women at Columbiana found him along the side of the road, all muddy and scared, skin and bones, with scars all over his body. They think he was badly abused and thrown out of a moving car. Thank God they picked him up and he was saved by Close to Home. He was in a wonderful foster home for weeks, where his dad did a great job of building up his confidence and his health.

Clooney standing on peace symbol rug

We took Minnie with us on June 6, 2015, two weeks after we’d gotten her, to meet Clooney. It was love at first sight for them. They sniffed each other, and ten seconds later were off and running and playing, like they’d known each other their whole lives. We think that MAYBE they really are siblings, they’re the same age, the same shape, and they came from the same area, but there’s no way to really know. Their love for each other is truly something to be witnessed. They bonded immediately and have stuck together like glue ever since. They were absolutely meant to be together.

Clooney in peace symbol sweater

Clooney has come a long way since we’ve been blessed with him. He has some fear issues from whoever abused him in the past, but he’s made tremendous progress and he knows he will never be abused again or worry about where he’s going to live.

Clooney wrapped in green blanket

The first time my husband saw him at his foster dad’s with all those scars he said, “I want him. I want this dog to know love”.

Clooney smiling

Clooney’s favorite past time is sleeping on the couch, wrapped up in his favorite fleece blanket, and in the winter, he spends hours sitting in front of his space heater.

Clooney by image of George Clooney

He’s a beagle/boxer mix with very short fur, and he loves to keep warm!

Clooney in purple bed


He is a lover boy and is much more handsome than George Clooney!

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