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Posted on March 25th, 2010

What makes some bully sticks stink and others odor-free?

If you have bought bully sticks for your dog before, you may have found that depending on the brand of bully stick you bought, they can stink when your dog chews on them. If you've bought bully sticks from All Natural Bully Sticks, you have found just the opposite (that the bully sticks are completely odor-free). Today we'll explore why some bully sticks stink and why the ones from All Natural Bully Sticks are odor-free.

Bully sticks are made from beef pizzle. During the manufacturing process, the bully stick is stretched and drained of its fluids before drying. Drying can be done in one of two ways. Bully sticks from All Natural Bully Sticks, are baked indoors in a special baking room. This baking process, serves two purposes. The first is that it gives the bully sticks its incredible toughness, making it a durable, long-lasting chew. The second is that eliminates the ability for any bacteria or bugs to get into the bully stick.

Other brands of bully sticks choose to dry their bully sticks outdoors under the sun. The benefit of this sun-baking process is that it is a much cheaper way to dry the bully sticks. There are no ovens to operate during this process therefore making the bully sticks cheaper to produce. This sun-baking process, however, does leave the bully sticks with a residual odor. Some bully stick manufacturers choose to dip their bully sticks in a light smoke flavor to mask this smell, but the bully sticks are still left with a residual smell.

The sun-baking process also allows for bugs and bacteria to grow more easily on the bully stick. To eliminate the potentially harmful bacteria, many bully sticks manufacturers will irradiate their product. While effective at killing some bacteria, irradiation changes the chemical makeup of foods it hits and creates chemicals which do not occur naturally in food. The indoor baking process which All Natural Bully Sticks employs does not include irradiation.

Next time you treat your dog to a bully stick, consider giving them an odor-free bully stick from All Natural Bully Sticks!

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