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Posted on February 22nd, 2010

How to cut a bully stick

Bully sticks are a great, long-lasting chew for dogs. Part of their popularity comes in part from how hard they are. Chewing on a bully stick may take a dog tens of minutes, up to a couple days depending on the breed. Because of this, some of our customer have asked us the easiest way to cut a bully stick. Through trial and error, these are some of the things we found to cut a bully stick:

Chop Saw

  1. Scissors: Generally hand-held scissors do not work to cut a bully stick. The blades may bend or the handle may break.

  2. Hand-held garden shears: Bully sticks generally bend the blades on these shears before they cut all the way though the bully stick. Garden shears do not cut bully sticks very well.

  3. Large hedge trimmers: Hedge trimmers work well to cut a bully stick. Place the bully stick near the base of the blades and give it a good snip. Each end of the bully stick may go flying so make sure you do this in a room that doesn't have too many nooks and crannys.

  4. Chop Saw (or Compound Miter Saw): Although this may seem like a ridiculous tool to use when cutting bully sticks, it is actually the easiest and most time-efficient way to cut a lot of bully sticks. As with all power tools, make sure to wear the proper eye protection and make sure to keep your hands away from the spinning blade.

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